Do you offer innovative products or services? Are you looking for new customers and markets? Well, you are nearly at your target now, as we are your key to it.

Singabiz is your personal key to new markets, a one-stop service provider from A to Z, from planning your activities to a full establishment on the new market and support of day-to-day activities within your projects.

To fulfill this promise we very closely work with well-respected organisations:
– Chambers of Commerce and International Chambers of Commerce,
– governmental organisations of the affected countries,
– with specialised lawyers, tax advisors and notary public,
– with big international audit companies and
– many local experienced partners.

It does not matter, whether
– you wish to successfully sell your products or services as a foreign company on European or Asian markets,
– you need a business office, production place or just a representation close to your customers,
– you are in a start-up or incorporation phase or wish to expand your existing and successful business,
Singabiz can always help and assist you during all phases of your project.

In order to achieve this we offer you a range of services with competitive prices and of a very high quality:
– from assistance in planning of your strategy and preparation of required market analysis
– through the search and selection of suitable support measures like subsidies for new companies and start-ups, tax reliefs etc.
– through establishing contacts to local sales partners,
– through negotiations with potential partners,
– through the appropriate cross-cultural trainings,
– through interpreting and translation services,
– through incorporations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany and UK…
– up to assistance and support of your day-to-day business in the new country.

We are certified consultants. It means for our customers, that – depending on the starting position and the target of the requested consultant services – up to 90% of our invoice amount can be reimbursed by governmental subsidies. We help our customers to file the appropriate reimbursement request.

Based on the feedback of our customers we steadily expand and develop our offer, for our customers can always rely on Singabiz and its even better and more efficient service, whatever the needs and plans of our customers could be. The perfection knows no boundaries.