Advantages of Singabiz

Many service providers offer a limited selection of services. In many cases these are just incorporation services, often linked to illegal goals like tax fraud. Singabiz positively stands out of the crowd while we
– act exclusively conformable to law and
– offer a huge range of services, which cover the needs of our customers from A to Z, any needs a customer could have when expanding its business to a new market.

In the last years Singabiz built up a broad network of partners in different areas, which enables us to offer all services linked to a new market penetration as a one-stop service provider (Germany counts as well as a foreign market for companies from outside).

It means for you as a customer of Singabiz a multitude of advantages:

  1. We have long years of experience on the European, as well as Asian markets.
  2. We work in your time zone, have the same business hours and speak your language.
  3. We help you to establish connections to suitable and serious business and sales partners in your target market.
  4. We consult you from A to Z and will never let you alone.
  5. We work closely together with duly selected professional partners in the target markets, representing several dozens of years of successful work in their domains.
  6. We help you to chose a suitable company legal form and provide you with all required information.
  7. We assist you during all steps and processed before, during and after the planned market penetration.
  8. We are at your disposal as long as you need us for a safe and successful business in the new market.
  9. We work with well-respected international banks.
  10. We have a network of lawyers, tax advisors and notary public which can help our customers in a necessary way if required.
  11. We closely work with official and governmental authorities and branches in the target countries and their foreign representations in order to provide our customers with the best quality of consulting services and business related help.
  12. Thanks to our broad and steadily growing network of partners in Europe and Asia we can help you not only in regards of the incorporation or market penetration but also in regards of the informative and interactive preparation of your business in the new market:
    1. cross-cultural consultancy and rules of business conduct in your target market,
    2. translations of your documents and
    3. interprets for your negotiation rounds,
    4. assistance in developing your business plans,
    5. Corporate Design adapted to the requirements and specifics of the target market,
    6. establishing contacts to potential and suitable sales partners in the new market,
    7. authorised representation of your company in the new market,
    8. analysis and selection of the financial help instruments in the target country and
    9. many other services – all this you can benefit from when being a customer of Singabiz. You do not need to distract yourself from your core business activities.


(1) – Consulting services which require a special certification like tax or legal advisory are not performed directly by Singabiz. However, we can link you up with specialized tax or legal advisors from our broad network and they will be able to consult you in a competent and professional way in their domains.