The Story of Singabiz

Singabiz Ltd. was founded in autumn 2015 with the goal, to raise awareness of small and medium businesses (SMB) about the possibilities and the opportunities waiting for them on the foreign markets and to assist the SMB on their way to new markets.

At the beginning Singabiz mainly targeted Singapore as the starting point into ASEAN (a huge and emerging market with over 620 million potential customers) and offered just incorporation services there.

Based on requests about Hong Kong and Europe coming from our (potential) customers and partners, 2016 we included Hong Kong, Germany and UK into our portfolio.

At the same time our portfolio increased not only in regards of the target markets, but also in regards of our offered services. Besides the classic company incorporation and administrative services linked to it, Singabiz added into its portfolio and offered henceforth business planning, customer specific market analysis, the selection of available and suitable financial support, subsidies and further official help to new companies and start-ups on the target markets, creating linkages to the potential sales partners as well as authorised representation of our customers (specifically in Germany).

For the purpose of further diversification, especially for manufacturing companies, we took the necessary steps and 2017 added Malaysia into our portfolio.

Since 2017 we also assist the founders directly in Germany. It does not matter, whether you want to start your business as a university graduate, an unemployed person or you dream about your side business – we help you with the realization of your plans. Among other services we assist you with the preparation of your business plan, check the available subsidies and funds for your business and help you to file the appropriate requests.

Since July 2018 we are certified consultants. Our customer will experience a huge add-on value based on this fact: not only our consultant services in regards of the business start-ups and company foundations can enjoy governmental subsidies, but also all other business consultant services. Our customers can get between 50% and 90% of our invoices reimbursed. We surely help our customers to request these reimbursements.

In April 2019 we organised an event with the topic “ASEAN – Chances for startups” as part of the Startup Week Düsseldorf. Co-organisators of the event were MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority, GASEA (German Accelerator South-East Asia) and SuW tax consultants. The event was completely booked out. Some impressions of the event can be found on our Facebook site.

Since the beginning of 2020 Singabiz hosts and operates Singabiz Network, a network of business consultants, lawyers, tax consultants, office providers, notary public and representatives of other services which can be useful for companies expending their business internationally or for startups as well as small and medium enterprises and self-employed persons.

Covid-19 crisis strongly impacted business around the world in 2020. In these difficult times Singabiz and Singabiz Network support small and medium enterprises, startups, self-employed persons and freelancers by providing governmental funded consultation services.

We are steadily working on expanding our services and the target countries for our customers. The feedback from our customers and partners plays an important role in selection of offered services and countries in order to help our customers in achieving their targets and goals in a most efficient, productive and fastest way. Our growth process is closely linked to and harmoniously matching the plans of our customers. In case you miss a desired service or a specific target country, do not hesitate to inform us about it. We will do our utmost possible to add the missing part and to serve you even better in future.