Our Services

Singabiz offers you many valuable services, which support you in planning and realisation of your entry into the new market as well as during your day-to-day running business in its full extent.

Among them:

  1. market analysis
  2. assistance for preparation of your business plan
  3. selection of a suitable financial help like subsidies and assistance in applying for them
  4. establishing of contacts to suitable sales partners in the target market
  5. authorised representation of your company
  6. company incorporation and administrative tasks related to it
  7. selection of a suitable office space
  8. selection of required company employees
  9. opening of a local bank account for your new company
  10. bookkeeping and filing of the annual returns
  11. local nominee director if legally required
  12. secretary service with reminders about necessary deadlines
  13. post reception and forwarding
  14. local business address
  15. Corporate Design/ company logo adapted to the local culture and requirements
  16. necessary translations of your company documents or incorporation documents and of your business communication
  17. interpreting during your negotiation rounds with business and sales partners
  18. cross-cultural trainings
  19. legal and tax advisory as well as notary public (1)

Further we offer as well advisory and consultancy services in regards of the startup activities and expansion of your business.

(1) – Consulting services which require a special certification like tax or legal advisory are not performed directly by Singabiz. However, we can link you up with specialized tax or legal advisors from our broad network and they will be able to consult you in a competent and professional way in their domains.