Advantages of Singabiz

Many service providers in the market offer just a limited selection of services around incorporations. Often it is just about simple incorporations, in many cases even with dubious goals (like pure tax evasion). Singabiz positively stands out as we
– act exclusively in a legally conform way and
– offer a very broad portfolio of services, covering all customer needs from A to Z, which you can imagine when bringing a company to the new market.

In the course of the years Singabiz established a broad network of partners in different areas (Singabiz® Network), which allows us to offer „one-stop“ all services related to
* company incorporations,
* becoming entrepreneur,
* freelancers,
* optimization of processes and costs,
* optimization of travel and participation in programs (personal and business) offered by airlines, hotel chains, car rentals, and train companies,
* internationalization on the business and personal level etc.

For customers of Singabiz it means a lot of additional advantages:

  1. We have a solid and long-lasting professional experience on European and Asian markets.
  2. We work in the same time zone as our customers, have the same office hours and speak your language.
  3. We help you to establish connections to suitable and serious business and sales partners in the target country.
  4. We consult you from A to Z and do not leave you out in the rain.
  5. We cooperate with professional partners in the countries, who work in specific domains for dozens of years.
  6. We help you to select the best suitable legal form for your company and provide all the necessary information.
  7. We and our network partners assist you with all processes before, during and after the planned market penetration.
  8. We are at your side as long as you need us for a successful and secure start in the new market.
  9. We cooperate with renowned international banks.
  10. We have a network of lawyers, tax advisors and notary public, who can easily assist our customers if specific consultations in those areas would be required.
  11. We closely work with governmental authorities of our target countries and their branches abroad in order to provide our customers with the best possible service quality in regards of consultations and business-related assistance.
  12. Thanks to our broad and steadily growing network of partners in Europe, Asia and Americas we can help you not only in regards of company incorporations, but also in regards of the informative and interactive preparation of your expansion into the new market:
    1. Intercultural consultations and rules of conduct in the new country,
    2. Certified translations of your documents and
    3. Interprets for your negotiation rounds,
    4. Assistance with the preparation of your business plan,
    5. Adaptation of your corporate design to the specifics of the new target market,
    6. Connections to potential and suitable sales partners in the new country,
    7. Authorised representation of your company on the new market,
    8. Analysis and selection of suitable public funds in the new country and
    9. Many other topics – all this you can find with Singabiz. Do not let disturb you doing your own core business.