The Story of Singabiz


Finishing the successful year 2023, Singabiz started a partnership with one of the biggest companies in Germany offering purchase and stocking of precious metals. This provides a perfect opportunity to our customers wishing to diversify their assets or to protect the assets from potential inflation.
The duty-free storage area of precious metals is located in Switzerland and the purchase is VAT-free. The physical metal owned by the customers can be delivered within European countries.
It is also possible to setup a savings plan with monthly payments from 26 euro only.
Should you be interested, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. We’ll be happy to consult and to assist you. This offer is open to companies, but also to private persons.

In the year 2022 Singabiz has significantly expanded the offered service portfolio. This can be noticed also on our new website, which contains more different areas now. Apart from the area „International Business“, which is intended to help our customers in their international business expansion, we added the following areas as a completely separate services fields in order to put more accent on them: „International Living“, „International Travel“, „International Studies“.

In August 2022 Singabiz was once more successfully presented in the NomaDays Conference.

Furthermore, we added Netherlands to the portfolio of Singabiz® Network having now a reliable and experienced partner in Netherlands.

On the side of Asia we now serve also your interests in Thailand: thanks to Singabiz-Network cooperation with a local partner you are able to get the Golden Visa (and other kinds of Thai visa, but also get a local company.


The year 2021 was going on still under the sign of covid-19 and the related restrictions. Many countries, among other our target countries in South-East Asia, were nearly completely cut off from the rest of the world. This fact motivated us to expand our countries‘ portfolio by some interesting (from the economical point of view) countries like UAE, USA, Panama and Paraguay.

In August 2021 Singabiz successfully participated in the NomaDays – Conference for Digital Nomads and internationally oriented entrepreneurs.

At the end of 2021 Singabiz moved into new office space in Ratingen. This makes us easier reachable by car and by public transport means. Furthermore, we are now closer to the airport of Düsseldorf.

Since the beginning of 2020 Singabiz established Singabiz® Network, a network of business consultants, lawyers, tax advisors, office space providers, notary public and representatives of other professions, offering their services to internationally expanding companies, but also to founders, startups, small and medium enterprises, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

The pandemic situation of covid-19 collapsed the business of many companies around the world. Even in these difficult times Singabiz and Singabiz® Network continued to support small and medium enterprises, founders, startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers by proposing government-funded consultations.

April 2019 was a month of Startup week Düsseldorf. Singabiz participated for the first time in this well-established week offering an event „ASEAN – Chances for Startups“. Our event was organised under cooperation and co-sponsorship of MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority, GASEA (German Accelerator South-East Asia) and SuW tax advisors and was fully booked out. Impressions from our event can be found also on our Facebook site.

In July 2018 we became certified business consultants. For our customers it means a significant improvement of services: from now on they can get not only the founders’ consultations funded by public funds in Germany, but also many other consultations in different business areas, provided by Singabiz, can be supported by funds reducing our invoices by 50% to 90% of the invoiced amount. We are glad to assist our customers by filing the appropriate funding requests.

In order to better diversify our offer, especially for needs of manufacturing industries, we undertook the necessary steps and added Malaysia into our portfolio in the year 2017.

During the year 2017 Singabiz supported founders in Germany by providing appropriate consultations. It does not matter, whether you are a university alumnus, whether you plan to become an entrepreneur being currently unemployed or moonlighting, or as a digital nomad, – we are glad to help you with your project. Among others, we help you to prepare your business plan, check the available funds for your business and assist you by filing the appropriate requests.

Singabiz Ltd. was founded in fall 2015 with the goal to increase the awareness of small and medium enterprises in regards of chances they have on the markets abroad and to help them to do this internationalisation step.

At the beginning only Singapore as a starting point in South-East Asia was in focus of our offer, which we provided to German companies.

However, in the course of the time we started to get requests from our customers and potential customers about incorporations in Hong Kong and Europe. In the year 2016 based on these requests we added Hong Kong, Germany and UK into our portfolio.

But our portfolio improved not only by additional countries. Additional services were added as well. Along with classic incorporations in our target countries and the ongoing services we started to offer consultations around business planning activities, customer specific market analysis, a selection of suitable funds and further support to young entrepreneurs and startups in our target countries, connecting them as well to suitable local sales partners. Authorised representation of foreign companies (especially in Germany) is now as well in our portfolio.

We steadily work on further expansion of our services and target countries for our customers. The feedback of the customers and requests from potential customers are one of the most important instruments for us to align our process of growth with expectations, plans and goals of our customers. Should you miss a service or a country in our portfolio, do not hesitate to let us know about it.