Property in UAE (Dubai)

For those who do not want to go as far as Latin America, but still want to move their assets outside of the European countries, an investment into properties in Dubai can represent a very valuable and future-ready opportunity.

Our partner in Dubai has access to most modern and high demanded areas and projects, like Dubai Creek, Aeon – just to mention few of them. The projects in the portfolio of our partner are executed by the same developers who signed for Burj Khalifa and other spectacular buildings in and around Dubai. The competence in the selection of best suitable areas, the best quality materials along with the correct pre-launch price fixation result in a very high potential for investors.

The development plans for Dubai preview that the population will approximately double from now till 2040. An according high demand for rentals is expected. The rentals in Dubai are paid for one full year in advance and provide a very high ROI.

Furthermore, if you are the lucky one to secure a pre-launch property, the prices per sqm can double (and even go beyond this mark) during the construction period. Reference objects and examples are available with our partner in place.

Overall, Dubai offers high quality, high demand, high security, and high value development for property investors. Having a property in Dubai might soon become a must for any property investor or those who are looking for asset protection.

Do you wish to know more about Dubai properties, the investment conditions, and timelines just drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to connect you with our partner for further and detailed information on the projects which represent the Crème de la crème of construction projects in Dubai.