Precious metals

Promotion until end of September 2024: newly registering via this special link and increasing the value of your newly registered vault to 2.500 CHF or more you’ll get 1% cashback in the course of October.

Thanks to our cooperation with Solit – one of the biggest and most renowned players on the market of precious metals in Europe – our customers have the possibility of investing into precious metals at special conditions.

Precious metals can be a safe haven. The historic values show that in long term their value remains pretty stable overall while fiat money suffers from inflation and disappears afterwards (e.g. as a result of monetary reforms).

Your assets invested in precious metals can be stored in a highly secured duty-free storage area in Switzerland and/ or physically delivered to you upon your request within Europe. As long as the metals remain in the duty-free storage area, you save the VAT on the metal purchase (it will only be charged once you request the metal to be delivered to your location). You can also sell your owned metals at the day market price directly from the storage area if you need to more cash.

For individuals and small businesses there is a possibility to start cumulating precious metals with a monthly saving plan from as low as 1 EUR/ CHF/ GBP/ USD onwards. With the monthly rates you purchase a partial ownership on a bar (for example, on a gold bar) at the rates valid at the time of purchase. This way, you also benefit from the cost-average effect.

Your advantages with our precious metal deal (for companies, but also for individuals):

  • Storage in a duty-free highly secured stock in Switzerland – outside of EU and Euro zone
  • Metals keep their purchase value over the time, paper money does not (inflation) – you save your savings from the inflation
  • VAT-free purchase – you can benefit from the metal purchase of up to 23% more volume (the amount of the VAT in your country) compared to the direct purchase in your country
  • Going via Singabiz you secure 20% discount on the purchase surcharge – you save 20% on the purchase surcharge compared even to the direct registration with Solit, life-long  
  • Monthly savings plans from as low as 1 EUR/ CHF/ GBP/ USD possible – suitable for everybody: from smaller revenues/ income to high net worth individuals (HNWI)
  • You can securely storage your own metals as well
  • even with the smallest savings plans you purchase metals to the spot price of a bar instead of smaller quantities – total savings up to 48% depending on the metal (or up to 48% more metal volume for the same money)
  • In certain countries (like Germany) the sale of your owned metals is tax-free after one year of possession
  • Exchange between purchased metals (for example, silver to gold or gold to silver) is possible at any time – using the suitable exchange ratio between the metals you can faster increase your wealth without investing more money into it
  • You do not purchase metal certificates. You purchase physical metal and own it (it can be delivered to your home if you wish – even though it is not a good idea: in the storage your metal is insured to 100% of its value. At home, you have to insure and to securely store it yourself)

We will be glad to assist you, just contact us. Else you can register and open your first vault directly here.