International Travel

It does not matter, whether you travel personally or for business – it costs. But with a correct organization of your trips there is an enormous savings potential without the need to renounce premium classes. In other words: you continue travelling in premium economy, business or even first, but your expenses reduce significantly.

How is it possible? You can learn it within our consultations around travel optimization. Yes, that’s correct: travel optimization. The classic consulation about travel costs optimization has for its goal a cost reduction, but the instruments for it are often the same: employees have to reduce their business trips or not travel at all anymore, and least of all in premium classes (e.g. in the business class). Such approach does not contribute to the employee satisfaction, not even speaking about employee motivation.

For personal trips (independently, whether you are an entrepreneur or a private person) there are options to travel in front of the airplane and to stay in hotel suites with half-board service, without paying more than for a cheapest standard room without any service. It does not have anything to do with the common erroneous belief, that it is sufficient “to arrive to the check-in in a nice suit, smile politely and you’ll find yourself in a business class“.  Such advice does not lead anywhere and is rather from the segment of fairy tales.

During our travel consultation we closely screen your current habits regarding travelling, destinations, used or preferred airlines and hotel chains and develop with your participation the best suitable strategy for your future trips and show you the savings potential linked to it, which can be achieved, if you use all components in an optimal way.