Germany has a lot of reasons, why to incorporate a company in one of the German regions or at least a subsidiary of a foreign company.

Germany is located in the midst of the European Union and has a perfect transportation network (roads, trains, airports, ports…) to deliver goods and products across the EU. The international connections are very good as well: international ports and numerous airports connect German metropolises practically with the whole world.

The proximity to potential customers, partners and subcontractors plays a big role in the business life, be it research, development, goods delivery, service offers, customer support or other reasons.

Furthermore, companies acting out of Germany have usually a very good international reputation.

Foreign companies, having a subsidiary in Germany, can get a local registration and a local VAT number, which would be valid and accepted across EU, and therefore can deliver goods and services in the whole European Union.

Many German cities do a lot of efforts to become one of the friendliest for founders and startups and to offer perfect conditions and infrastructure for young entrepreneurs. Newly incorporated companies can well benefit from this trend. On top of it, companies registered in Germany, can also benefit from public funds, which would (partially) reimburse costs for certain kinds of consultations.  

Despite relatively high tax rates in Germany, companies can deduct many business expenses from their taxable income. In addition to it there are different legal options which help to reduce the tax burden and can be used also by newly incorporated companies.

Free Trade and Double Taxation Agreements with many different countries worldwide, well educated, internationally oriented professionals speaking multiple languages – all this are further arguments for Germany if you think about an incorporation of a new company or subsidiary.

Singabiz is perfectly well connected in Germany and offers either itself or through the partner network a very broad variety of services from one hand and well-coordinated. Our customers can expect from us the following services in Germany:

  • Company incorporations
  • Interim and/ or permanent management of your German company
  • Assistance regarding the day-to-day business (internally between your company and Singabiz)
  • Authorised representation of your company towards external partners, customers and German authorities
  • Legal consultations and services of notary public
  • Tax advisory and bookkeeping
  • Business address and office space
  • Assistance with opening a business bank account
  • Assistance with the registration of a suitable internet address
  • Assistance with the registration and protection of the company name and brands by preparation and filing of the documents to the German Patent and Brand Authority
  • Certified translations of required documents into German
  • Interpreting services
  • Optimisation of business processes and costs
  • Secretary and hotline services
  • Comprehensive consultations, assistance and support for expats in Germany