Those customers, who do not want to expand to Asia or Americas and prefer to stay close to Europe from the time zone perspective, but at the same time expand to outside of the EU, can use the free zones of United Arab Emirates for their expansion plans.

Geographically the location in the UAE can be very favorable: within just 6-8 flight hours you get to Middle Europe, Eastern Europe, to the most important economical areas in Asia (e.g. Singapore) as well as to Africa. UAE are in the middle of the Arabic world and have a very good reputation which can facilitate the business with the whole Arabic countries in the region.

Very favorable economic conditions in the free zones make the location to a preferred selection, especially for location-independent companies, digital nomads, freelancers etc.

Dubai is a very cosmopolitan emirate with a perfectly well-developed infrastructure and high standards of living, first-class medical system, many international schools and other attractive points. Surely, not everybody might like the climate. On the other hand, you do not need to fully relocate to Dubai and make it the center of your life, if you do not want to. You still can incorporate a company or a subsidiary in Dubai and benefit from its excellent conditions for business. You will just need to visit it at least once in a half-year. Singabiz has a well-functioning partnership with some free zones in UAE and can consult you in regards of your expansion to Dubai, if needed. An incorporation via our local partners costs from roughly 4500 Euro onwards and is therefore very competitive.