After the brexit Ireland became one of the most interesting incorporation options within the EU. Even before, Ireland was in focus of founders, startups, and many different international corporations. In the last years Ireland improved the conditions and the incorporations are now more affordable, while some setups, like the world-known “Dutch-Irish Sandwich”, became obsolete.   

If the founders or startups plan to operate with their Irish Ltd. within EU, then the operation is very similar to that of UK Ltd. in the time, when UK was still part of the EU.

But even if the founder lives outside of the EU, an incorporation of an Irish Ltd. is still possible. In this case, and if the founder does not have a director within the EU, a payment of a so-called security bond is required in order to be able to operate with the Irish Ltd. The costs for it are rather moderate.

Our customers, who wish to incorporate in Ireland, get a very comprehensive service from Singabiz, starting with the incorporation itself, via a registered office, company secretary and the day-to-day support up to assistance with the opening a local bank account, linkage to a local tax advisor and bookkeeping services as well as a support with the search for local employees.