Malaysia is the second important country in South-East Asia after Singapore and is steadily developing and improving. This is reflected in its rating in the „Ease of Doing Business“ report of the World Bank: in the years from 2018 to 2020 Malaysia propelled itself from initially place 24 up to place 15 and furthermore to place 12. As a comparison: Germany could be found in the same years on places 20 down to 24.

Like Singapore, Malaysia is very startup-friendly and open to foreign investments. To support it, there are different programs of Malay government in order to facilitate a setup of a new company in Malaysia as easy as possible and make it a positive experience.

Depending on the selected region, the industry of the company, the planned size, the number of employed local staff and other criteria you can get different reliefs, like import of the required assets, machines or other company needs with exemption from the import duty, several years of tax vacations (with an option of an extension) etc.

Production and storage in Malaysia is significantly less expensive than in the neighboring Singapore. The manpower is as good educated, internationally oriented, young and motivated as in Singapore. The infrastructure (roads, railways, air and sea traffic) is also very well developed.

In the Arabic world Malaysia has a very good reputation for production of halal products.

The quality of life is much higher than in the most other Asian countries. The education and medical systems are on the good level of developed Western countries. Singabiz works very intensively with Malay governmental organisations like MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority and MaTrade in order to provide our customers with a seamless and stress-free experience regarding the company incorporation and business settlement in Malaysia through all the steps.