The business connections and many processes between EU and UK became more complicate and complex after the brexit. This is still not a valid reason to avoid UK as a destination for your internationalization and incorporation. The benefits of UK are evident:

  • Location directly at the EU borders
  • Still very favorable costs for incorporation and annual support
  • In the meantime, UK signed multiple bilateral agreements making international business activities more attractive
  • A company in UK is not regulated by the EU, therefore can develop easier and with more freedom, still being as close to the EU as a short flight.

Apart from the economic decoupling from the EU, the advantages of the location in UK remained pretty the same and include, among others, a high quality of life, a well-developed and affordable medical system, efficient public and private schools, strong international connections (London Heathrow still being the biggest European airport) and many others more. From the business perspective UK offers different interesting options as a company location. That’s why Singabiz kept its connections to UK alive and still offers a possibility of company incorporation in form of a UK Ltd including complete service packages.