Panama can be considered as Switzerland of Latin America. It is one of the best developed countries in the region. This is also the reason, why so many different organisations and important companies have selected Panama for their regional headquarters, for example, the Parliament of the latin-american countries (Parlamento latinoamericano), the biggest bank of Central America – Banistmo (since 2006 part of the HSBC group), research institutions and many others important establishments.

Despite the reputation of the country still suffering from Panama Papers scandal (even though in Panama itself there was just one lawyer company regulating legal aspects. The real grey business was done from tax heavens in Caribbean and other regions), Panama can be advantageously used for an incorporation of a regional headquarter for businesses within Latin America. A company incorporation happens very easy and quick.

The stability and a strong economic development of the country in the region make Panama to a very attractive destination. Comparably low headcount costs, a well-developed infrastructure and moderate tax rates – Panama is a good starting point for successful businesses. By the way, Panama has a territorial taxation. This means, that revenues generated outside of Panama (for example, in other countries of Latin America or other countries worldwide) are officially and legally tax-free. Singabiz cooperates with a strong local partner, who has dozens of years of experience in the area of company incorporations, foundations and investments in the country. This way, we ensure, that our customers get a top-level services in Panama as well.

Below you can watch the interview with our partner in Panama. We’ll be glad to consult you about different topics around Panama. You can also contact our partner directly. Don’t forget to mention the keyword „Singabiz“ in order to benefit from special conditions exclusively available for our customers.

Interview with our partner PGS