Singapore is one of the most important economical hubs in Asia and at the same time one of the most stable countries in the Asian-Pacific region and in the world in total. Thanks to its ideal geographical situation, you can reach from Singapore the most Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China with its economical centers Hong Kong and Shanghai, Philippines, India etc. just within few flight hours. The time zone selected in Singapore allows to execute business affairs with all Asian countries within the normal business hours.

Singapore’s legal system is very reliable and perfectly developed. Among others, the intellectual property rights are valued in the same way as in the EU and are protected accordingly. The government of Singapore was always and still is very supportive in regards of companies and entrepreneurs and protected them via different laws and regulations, independently from different economic crises in the world. Such supporting measures include, for example, the reduction of tax rates for young companies and startups, reduction of CPF rates (Central Provident Fund -> governmental pension fund), introduction of maximum cap on office rentals etc. In its reports (Doing Business Reports) the World Bank mentioned Singapore frequently as the world’s easiest place to do business.

Singapore has perfect framework conditions, a very company-friendly and favorable business climate, which allows to entrepreneurs to easily incorporate and to lead a company. The incorporations processes are well structured and simplified as much as possible. You will find in Singapore a very well developed infrastructure as well. Thanks to a completely elimiated corruption the incorporation processes are extremely transparent.

In Singapore you can find international and internationally experienced workforce, best educated, perfectly motivated, and extremely productive. English is one of the official languages in Singapore, which is also helping you with contacts within the country and with your international business.

The quality of life in Singapore is one of the best worldwide. It is difficult to outperform Singapore in regards of free time activities. Secure environment around the clock, Asian and Western food, perfect transportation network, cultural activities, sports activities, international schools and one of the best medical systems in the world are just few points on the long list of advantages you can find in Singapore. Since years Singapore ranks at the top places in the Mercer’s report of quality of life and was nominated as the best Asian city in the report of 2019.

In addition to it Singapore is currently (2022) the only country in South-East Asia having an active and ratified FTA with EU. At the same time, Singapore has a lot of bilateral contracts, also within the ASEAN Economic Community.

Singapore is a real „door to Asia“, and in this quality an ideal incorporation location. With our help this door is now easier to open also for small and medium enterprises.

Among others, Singabiz and Singabiz Network offer you following services in Singapore:

  • incorporations
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Nominee Director
  • Assistance with opening of a local bank account
  • Business address and/ or office space
  • Bookkeeping and annual returns
  • Detailed consultations for expats
  • Certified translations of the required documents
  • Day-to-day support